Lemon curd and white chocolate chips, need I say more!? An absolute favourite of all those involved in Kookie Klub!

Lemon Curd (box of 4)

  • Sugar, Flour, Salted Butter (buttermilk, salt) Eggs Vanilla extract- water, monopropylene glycol, colour (caramel E150a), flavourings. White chocolate chips- Sugar, cocoa butter, full cream milk powder, whey powder, vegetable oils (palm oils, shea oil, sal oil, mango kernel oil), emulsifier; soy lecithin, flavouring, vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter. Topping - Lemon rind, water sugar. White chocolate (for topping) – Sugar, Cocoa butter, Full cream milk powder, Cream powder, Whey powder, Lactose, Buttermilk powder, Emulsifier; Soy lecithin, Salt, Vanilla extract. Lemon curd spread – sugar, pasteurized liquid, free range eggs, salted butter (buttermilk, salt), concentrated Sicilian lemon juice (sulphates), Sicilian lemon oil, gelling agent (agar)
    Allergens- Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Soya

  • Although, we think our cookie cups are delicious just as they arrive to you, our favourite and most recommended way to eat these, is to warm them in the microwave for 15-30 seconds.